With Imini, more economical and comfortable solutions can be provided in hotels. With Imini, which is used both as a communication and thermostat, solutions can be designed according to different requirements. At the same time, with the mobile facilities it provides, your guests can perform all functions from their smartphone applications without leaving their places.

"Clean my room" and "do not disturb" signals can be given via Imini or from the mobile application. The signal is transferred to the Interra hotel central software and ensures that the staff is informed immediately. Increasing your service understanding and improving your quality is the main purpose of Interra hotel solutions. It is the aim of every hotel business to offer its guests the comfort they will not find in their homes, and the solution is Interra.

INTERRA Products

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INTERRA Products

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Software Features

  • Dynamic user interface
  • All automation controls
  • Lighting control
  • Curtain-blind control
  • Air conditioning control
  • Air conditioning (IR) control
  • Hotel services service
  • Sip intercom
  • Messaging-News-suggestions-complaints

Hardware Features

  • 6.5 ”touch screen
  • Multitouch capacitive
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ambient sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • IR Transmitter
  • Microphone
  • Speaker


Imini brings a new understanding to home and hotel systems with its abilities. The next-generation touch-screen Imini opens the doors of a new residential lifestyle

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