IP Intercom

Linux-Villa Type Outdoor iControl Unit (Aluminum)

ITR640-001 iControl outdoor door front SIP intercom units for villas, residences, offices etc. It can be used to provide intelligent access control in places. With the card reader feature, you can provide access control and a high level of security in your building. Thanks to its high image quality, it is much easier to get to know the guests in speeches made in dark environments with night vision feature. Aluminum body and IP55 protection type are resistant to external factors. Garden wall, door wall etc. It is compatible with installation locations such as.

  • Linux Operating system
  • SIP Support
  • VOIP Interview
  • Relay Door Opening Output -DTMF-HTTP
  • Night Vision Support
  • RTSP Streaming
  • Door Opening Button
  • Encrypted Door Opening
  • Face Recognition (10000)
  •  Mobile Control
  • Card Reader (100000 cards)

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