IP Intercom

Android- Residence Type Outdoor iControl Unit (Glass)

The ITR650-001 and ITR651-001 iControl units are a residence type outdoor intercom unit with Android operating system, which is mainly used to interact between the relevant indoor intercom unit, such as the indoor monitor.

It allows you to easily monitor the entrance door or main exterior door and gives confidence that your home has more security. Thanks to the mobile control, you can communicate with your guests on your mobile devices, both visually and visually, without leaving your seat.

4.3TFT Screen

Android 4.2.2

SIP Support

 VOIP Interview

Relay Door Opening Output -DTMF-HTTP

Night Vision Support

Screen Saver over HTTP

RTSP Streaming

Door Opening Button

Encrypted Door Opening

Face Recognition (10000)

Mobile Control

Card Reader (100000 cards

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INTERRA Products

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